Lyle started his career with KPMG (one of the "Big 4" accounting firms) and provided tax services in New York City for large firms such as Goldman Sachs.  With KPMG he prepared and reviewed individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns during which time he passed the CPA exam. For four years, he learned the qualities of blue chip internationally acclaimed tax departments. Subsequently, he grew disenchanted with the Wall St. beneficiaries, so he took a leap of faith to join and serve the Massachusetts Main St. community. He started Prepared Accounting to offer an alternative to traditional accounting firms by leveraging internet and cloud technology to help small businesses break free of the brick and mortar--and paper.  He loves creating value, saving time / money, and teaming up with clients to help them build their dreams. 

As a career tax professional, Lyle's favorite things to do include identifying the most favorable tax laws for each business and providing transparent and accessible financial statements to owners for owners and managers of growing businesses.

As an individual, he enjoys building and riding bikes, swimming, golf, sport and traditional rock climbing, freediving, and serving the Northampton community as board member or trustee for non-profit organizations including Edwards UCC Church in Northampton, MA.

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Judy Salosky, MANAGER

Judy was the founder/owner of a 10 person accounting firm in southeast Massachusetts that she managed for more than 25 years before moving to the Valley to be closer to her grandchildren. The business offered complete bookkeeping and accounting services for individuals, partnerships and corporations. Judy’s specialty is in taxation having started her accounting career as an IRS agent.  Her unique strength continues to be her ability to communicate about complex issues in a way that makes them easily understood. 

 Judy is also a trained mediator with a focus on divorce and family issues. She has served on and led boards of various non-profit organizations. In 2008 Judy and her husband volunteered in Uganda for 4 months where she worked with the accountant of a local NGO to help organize and computerize their books and records. Her passions include travel, puzzles of all kinds, yoga and meditation and especially her grandchildren.

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Molly Ladner,  assistant manager

Molly fell into the accounting world by happenstance. Originally a Russian major, she was preparing her yearly tax returns when she came to the realization that she was one of the few people she knew who actually enjoyed doing taxes. This epiphany made her reconsider her career path which led her to a B.A in Accounting from Northeastern University.

Molly lives in Franklin County Massachusetts and likes to keep busy; her two young children keep her running. She is always searching for new hobbies and recently began playing the harp. In her free time she also enjoys hiking and doing puzzles.

CHRIS DYSON, associate

In business and in life, Chris is an adventurer. He revels in finding creative financing solutions to live out his dreams, such as budgeting $1 per mile to walk across the United States (which he did). After earning BFA in Film, his first career was freelancing in the New York Indie film scene. It was during these years he discovered a knack for accounting while designing an inventory system and keeping small business books in line.

Extensive travel in South America inspired him to found the Ka'Way Monti School for Sustainability in the Peruvian Andes, now part of an accredited course at Portland State University.  He continues to manage the retreat remotely and also offers us his 20 years of international micro-business experience to us so that we can help you with your adventure. 


We are super excited to welcome Nicole Pratt to our team for the Spring of 2017.  She is a patient, intelligent, already professionally accomplished in the field of law, and is trying her hand in accounting this tax season!   

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