MA House votes 156-1 to repeal vague tech tax

Northampton , MA - Great news, Without getting into politics about who stands where now and who said what then, let be happy that the people and their representatives reflected the public outcry against this unconstitutionally vague tax on services that are a bright spot in our economy.  

Gov. Deval Patrick has the final say (he could veto) and said Wednesday that he’s waiting to see what House and Senate leaders do to close the gap that repeal would leave in the budget.

Masslive says "Asked if he Patrick) would veto the repeal if it (repeal) didn’t include additional revenues, Patrick said: ‘‘That’s not where I am.’’

Many say that the other revenue provisions in the transportation bill should be enough money if it were spent wisely.   Provided that the tax is repealed and not replaced, the people seem to have been heard helping the government be aware of its mistakes.

Lets not let them set any more precedents by taxing any other services, we have enough cost of living increases without paying an additional 6% for things like haircuts or accounting services.