We help businesses save time and money with technology focused bookkeeping operations, entity formations, tax return preparation, and management consulting.  You can contact us or book an appointment with our website and we will get in touch with you to discuss your business as soon as possible. If you don't see an appointment slot that you like or simply do not want to bother with the technology, use our contact form to shoot us an emailed message.

Your time is your most valuable asset; we can help you use more of time zoomed out and focused on the big picture of your business as we sharpen and illuminate the financial details.

We are Northampton, MA based accountants and we specialize in tax preparation and planning as well as using modern cloud accounting and (SaaS) applications for bookkeeping and business operations. 


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Lyle Phipps, CPA - started his career with KPMG (one of the "Big 4" accounting firms) and performed tax services in New York City for large firms such as Goldman Sachs.  He prepared and reviewed individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns.  For four years he became familiar with how big blue chip tax departments operated and disenchanted with big business benefactors so he decided to serve small businesses instead. 

Lyle started Prepared Accounting to save time for business founders who needed business and accounting solutions that leveraged internet and cloud technology.  

Lyle likes building and riding bikes, running, golf, ultimate frisbee, rock and tree climbing, teaching people how to SCUBA dive, sand volleyball, and serving the Northampton community through his role as board member or trustee for multiple non-profit organizations.

He also enjoys applying, like icing, the most favorable tax laws as appropriate, and providing transparent and accessible financial statement to business owners and investors. 


Tristan Poirier - has been bookkeeping for over 15 years and is an accomplished gymnastics instructor.  He gets our clients up to speed for the time that they suffered without our periodic book keeping system.  He is a Black Belt in Karate and a Black Belt in Quickbooks and other accounting software. He will make short work of your piles of statements, paypal exports, and check images and can KO the taxman with a jump spinning back kick.  




You could do it yourself or go to a franchise but we will likely be able to save you a lot more money and we will take the time to explain different tax positions and options to you.  Our prep process includes a measure of IRS audit risk management and tax planning for next year’s return that you  won’t get from the big franchise preparer who keeps pushing up the price by adding services.

Because we understand what you are trying to do, we care about making the proper tax elections at the right time, keeping you unstuck, and making sure you do not pay more than a fair tax.

Even if your business is getting its first 1099-k from etsy or paypal, we can take care of you quickly and get you just the information you need to file your return.


All joking aside, if you have been selected for an audit than the gloves are off, let’s talk about your rights and your approach to the exam.  If you want we can make the IRS talk to us in your place and control the exam together.

We are authorized and have experience representing/defending individuals and businesses before the US Treasury and in IRS appeals.

Good records can be a good defense but not every small business has those or an understanding of the examination rules that can make a big difference in the end result.  Don’t try to go at this one alone--you might lose your shirt when you need it the most.

Use the contact page to let us get in touch with you.


Partnerships, LLCs, Sole Proprietorships, and S-Corps can all be good vehicles but you want one that looks good on you and drives the way you want it to. We can help you understand the implications of your decision so that you get a nice, snug fit.  We know when, where, and what tax can hit you and your bottom line. Federal tax, Self-employment tax, Sales and Use tax, state tax-- we get it.


Let us take a look under the hood.  We can come in quickly and possibly give you a big gain with our perspective of what tools are out there that can really simplify your operations.  Lets face it, sometimes it helps to have a second set of eyes to see the forest while you are stuck in the trees. 

In the process, we will get to know you and how you work to make organization and operations run smoothly.  Use the contact page to let us take a peek, it literally takes less than one minute and you might save yourself a bunch of money, and stress. 


We can help you remove the accounting hat to create the head-space that you need to focus on the velocity of your core business projects.   We can help you get organized and paperless as well.  

Your bank statements are all you need to get started to basic bookkeeping and financials.  We can help you get started with Quickbooks online, Xero, Wave, Freshbooks, whatever fits you the best.  

We know the tech tools that give businesses a jump on their competitors.  Get an efficient operational system in place, fast.   We also know what you can take with you on your iphone.

 Solve the problem of lost opportunity and increased tax risk caused by “hindsight” bookkeeping and tax planning and find the enormous value in proactive, cloud based bookkeeping that can tell you what you can afford, where your business stands financially, and when it can expect the next round of cash to come to the rescue.  

Protect yourself from a lot of risks and get yourself the tools to make better decisions. Don’t have the time to deal with un-friendly software or every counter-intuitive accounting rule? We can pull it all together for you or just come in and clean up periodically.



Use the contact page to see our contact information and directly email us so that we can help make your life easier.