We save you time and money by thoughtfully preparing your business tax returns (and select individual returns) while adding a measure of tax planning.  We prepare your return before your interview so that you can make the best use of your time with a tax professional's perspective.  It pays to be prepared for tax.  We can also help you decide which entity to choose and teach you why there is not one size that fits all. 

Accounting, For your life's adventures. 

You have a vision... To embrace the adventure of building a business and to do it the way you want, without being tied down to an office or a desktop. That's what Prepared Accounting offers:  Freedom, more time, and peace of mind. We tailor your business and accounting systems to work like you work (in the cloud).

Prepared accountants are ready to make numbers easy for you; no paper or office visits necessary.  By meeting with us you avoid (or tackle) learning curves associated with non-intuitive accounting rules and bookkeeping software.  Save the time, energy, and guesswork spent wheel spinning; we assist with organizational entity selection, quarterly bookkeeping, crowdfunding tax estimates, management consulting, tax planning, and annual tax preparation.  Our experienced bookkeepers, and managers work with you online (think webconferences, cloud docs, and screen sharing) quarterly so you can learn along the way but without having to stress out at tax time while you have a life and a business to grow.   

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our services are 100% made in the USA

We decided that we can discover or help educate strong talent right here in the USA.  Lets grow!

We give back to the community

We give to charitable organizations on a local, national, and international level.  Here are some of the 2017 recipients.  Manna Soup Kitchen, Western Mass Food Bank, Holyoke Soldiers Home, NRDC, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Mozilla Foundation. Sisters of Mercy, AIM for SEVA,





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